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Artificial Intelligence made by humans, for humans.

Userbot is not just a simple chatbot, it is the first real Artificial Intelligence that automates conversations between companies and people.

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The main reasons why you will love Userbot

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Data Analysis

We use all your data to train your AI to respond to any question from any one of your end users

Intelligent conversations

We provide support in the creation and management of your conversation flows to offer your customers a unique and customized experience

Ad hoc consultancy

We analyse the needs of your business and define together your project objectives in order to guarantee an effective and successful solution

Supervised learning

It learns from the conversations with your customers

The Artificial Intelligence, fully customized for your needs, learns from the conversations with your customers. Whenever the AI is unsure of how to respond, it hands off to a human operator, tracks of the answer and becomes autonomous again once approved by a supervisor.

Single management panel

AIn’t got no worries!

You will have access to a single intuitive management panel from which you can monitor user activity, forward questions to operators and control all conversation flows

Results monitoring
Keep an eye on your AI

Assess the performance of your conversations and improve your full customer experience

Conversation Management
All the requests in a single platform

Communicate in real time with all your customers and offer them the help they need quickly and efficiently

AI Training
Increases automation and improves efficiency

Provide more and more responses by training the artificial intelligence to manage any question.

Integrations and APIs
Connect all the applications you love

Add your services easily and quickly for optimum activity management.

Always new customers to engage

By improving the responses, you win new customers

Thanks to the wide range of possibilities offered by Userbot, you can start a new conversation at the right time, with the right message. This is a new opportunity for you to win new customers and increase the number of potential customers for your products or services

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Customer Service

Ensure your customers get an answer at any time. Create a fully automated Customer Service and make it intelligent. Save yourself time and resources

Help Desk

Make internal and external communication easier by allowing the AI to respond rapidly to tickets by your collaborators or suppliers, obtaining always precise and detailed information

Lead Generation

Collect contact details, profile your customers and build fully personalized relationships. Offer them a unique conversation experience and win their loyalty!

Marketing Automation

Manage infinite conversation flows automatically and guide your customers within your services. Increase your conversion rate and achieve your targets.

Sistemi Unificati Userbot

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Customized solutions designed according to your business needs

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Combined corporate systems

Userbot is easily integrated with your corporate systems to help you resolve customer support problems quickly and effectively, increasing operator productivity and generating a positive impact on overall customer satisfaction

  • CRM

    With our support, integration with your CRM will enable you to organize your customer data automatically to improve their experience with your business

  • ERP

    Thanks to the analysis by our consultants, integration with your ERP will enable you to standardize the management of all your business processes

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No moreOut of Office!

Userbot is designed to guarantee rapid Customer Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And that’s not all!

  • Help Desk

    You can even use your AI to provide support or instructions to your staff simply and quickly

  • Troubleshooting

    You can teach your AI how to resolve known and repetitive problems by helping automatically your users

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Out Of Office Userbot

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Simple but powerful

AI + Humans: together

Userbot becomes your virtual contact centre and supports your operators in responding to customers quickly and efficiently. It manages thousands of conversations autonomously and leaves your operators to focus on the more challenging queries

Access levels

Define the structure of your customer service and assign a role to each agent so that he/she can easily access his/her allocated functions

Intelligent assignment

Let the AI manage your agents’ workload when it is unable to respond by assigning the conversations to operators automatically using Balanced Round Robin

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An integration ecosystem

Userbot rocks anywhere

When everything is interconnected, you can maximize your business results; Userbot integrates perfectly with any application or web service, even with Whatsapp Business. With a few simple clicks or with the assistance of our experts, you can activate your chatbot on the world’s most used messaging platforms!

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Userbot Integrations

Scalable and extensible

Userbot is like a human brain, able to gather your customer data wherever they are and perform automations using any business system

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Extraction of your business data for use in complex and customized conversations

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Automatic ticket opening on Salesforce and dynamic extraction of your data


Send all the leads collected with us automatically on your Hubspot


Use the data in Dynamic365 and display them in conversations

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Import all messages managed by Userbot to your preferred CRM


Userbot can be integrated in any system with an API

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