Whatsapp Integration

Whatsapp Integration with Userbot via Twilio

Terms and Conditions of Whatsapp Integration

In order to activate Whatsapp Business integration with Userbot the following are required:
  • Userbot Professional or Enterprise License
  • Verified business on Facebook Business Manager.
  • Approved business in the WhatsApp Commerce Policy
  • Active non-trial Twilio account
  • Whatsapp Business phone number
Keep in mind that there are certain limits in Whatsapp Business usage. Please read carefully the below information.

1. Manuale Activation

In order to activate the integration between Userbot and Whatsapp, we rely on the third party integrator Twilio, a Business Provider certified by Whatsapp. This means that it will be necessary to activate a Twilio account in order to be able to proceed with the integration. If you do not have an account yet, you can sign up here.link

In order to proceed you should provide the following:

  • Facebook Business Manager ID: Whatsapp uses Facebook Business Manager to identify the business and safeguard the Whatsapp ecosystem.
  • Twilio Account SID: can be retrieved in the Twilio Console.

Once you have the above mentioned information you can write a request to ciao@userbot.ai to activate the Whatsapp integration and a team member will contact you to schedule the implementation.

Note that to activate Whatsapp, the Twilio account cannot be in Trial.

You will be required to buy a Whatsapp-enabled business phone number from the Twilio account for a minimum of 20$ (the costs of Whatsapp messages according to consumption will be deducted).

1. Assisted Activation

Userbot can assist your with your Whatsapp Business integration with a fixed cost of €199 + VAT. The package includes:

  • Twilio Account activation.
  • Whatsapp Business set up.
  • Whatsapp Business number set up.
  • Twilio and Userbot integration

You can choose to request Userbot assistance directly from the Userbot platform in the integration sections, you will be prompted to fill out a brief form and proceed with the payment by credit card. Userbot will be in touch to start the integration in the next 24 working hours.

Conversational Messaging limitations on WhatsApp

Because of GDPR regulation the company cannot initiate a conversation on Whatsapp, meaning that is upon the user to start the conversation ( exceptions are made for approved template notification, however Userbot does not support Whatsapp Template Messages yet).

A WhatsApp session begins when a user sends a message to your app. Sessions are valid for 24 hours after the most recently received message, during which you can communicate with customers using free-form messages or start your chatbot flow.


Currently we do not charge extra as many of our competitors do, however it is only possible to activate the Whatsapp Integration with an active (not trialing) Userbot Professional or Enterprise subscription plan.

Twilio pricing is pay-per-message based on the destination country and type of message you’re sending. Pay-as-you-go pricing makes sure you only pay for what you use.

Twilio charges a flat per message platform fee to send and receive Session messages in all countries – $0.005 per message.

Twilio pricing is independent so it may vary from the here stated, please check Twilio and Whatsapp Pricing page.


WhatsApp Business is subject to approval by Whatsapp and Twilio directly and does not depend on Userbot Srl, therefore we are not responsible in case of time delay or denied access to the platform or change of their own terms and conditions. In case such a thing happens we will be happy to provide our best assistance and see if we can help to solve the issue, however this cannot be guaranteed.

Should the situation arise, we will be happy to provide our best assistance and consider if we can dare a hand to resolve the problem, however this cannot be guaranteed.

WhatsApp also applies limits to the number of messages that can be sent to their users. For more information, see WhatsApp Rate Limiting.


The activation of the Whatsapp integration will take place following the activation of the Userbot Professional account and through the support of the Userbot consultants, with the creation of a Twilio account, Official Provider of Whatsapp Business, owned by the customer. The approval and approval times of the Whatsapp Business account may be dependent on technical and administrative factors of Twilio and Whatsapp, therefore Userbot cannot be held directly responsible for any delays in approval or unsuccessful approvals. The customer will manage the administrative and economic aspects of Whatsapp Business independently and directly with their Twilio account, which includes additional costs related to the activation of the Whatsapp Business phone number and messages exchanged on Whatsapp. Whatsapp Business and Twilio accounts are subject to their own terms and conditions, therefore Userbot cannot be held responsible if the aforementioned accounts are blocked or if their contractual conditions are changed. Userbot, Twilio and Whatsapp are independent and not affiliated companies, the brands and product names are registered trademarks of their respective owners.

12. Contacts

All communications related to the use of Userbot must be sent to the following email address: ciao@userbot.ai.

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