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We believe that Artificial Intelligence will improve human life. And we do so already at our company.

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How we work

The people who work with us don’t create a simple chatbot builder but a true revolution in conversational marketing. Find your next dream job among our job opportunities.

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Freedom and flexibility

All the members of our Team work where they like. Wherever they are. The only requirement is an internet connection. Every morning, we log in to Slack and review the situation. We use asynchrous communication and work independently


Maximum productivity

It’s easy to be more productive and motivated in a famililal and comfortable environment. Free from distractions, we give the best of ourselves. Because our main focus is the quality of the product

Jobs Userbot
Jobs Userbot

Team spirit

Even though we are spread all over Italy, we know each other very well. There is always a lot of non work-related chat. We discuss all sorts of issues and the whole team gets together for meetings now and then

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Benefits and Advantages

Work wherever you want

Work anywhere in the world. At home, at the business address in the PoliHub in Milan, in a hotel or anywhere you like. If you want to move, it’s the work that follows you

40 hours a week

Work is a marathon, not a sprint. We generally stick to a 40-hour week, with occasional extra time for urgent deadlines

Competitive salary

We don’t use remote working as an excuse to pay less. We monitor our salaries and ensure we pay a wage that is based on expertise and experience, for every position. Our salaries are standardized on the Italian market

No office traps

We don’t offer snooker tables, delicious meals and other perks to keep you in the office. We want you to give the best of yourself for the 8-hour day. Then you can live your life, rest up, have fun and recharge, so you will be back the next working day feeling great

Less stress

You won’t have to travel and take public transport. You will have fewer distractions and the best thing is that you can work in comfort…even in your pyjamas and slippers!

Innovative Technology

Enter a cutting-edge environment full of stimuli: with Userbot, you can acquire new skills and are in contact with an expert and talented Team of Professionals

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We believe that objectives should be reached together and that our Team is the driving force behind our AI

Culture and values

We reach our objectives on the basis of certain values shared by all members of our Team. This makes it easier to take decisions and interact with one another

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Code of Conduct

The working environment at Userbot is positive, supportive and inclusive, thanks to certain fundamental rules that we impose on all our Team members

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How we manage our Team

It may seem difficult, but actually working together at a distance is really easy; you just need specific processes to follow. Would you like to know how we do it?

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How we recruit

We have a non-standard recruitment process. It starts with a test: we ask applicants to complete an online questionnaire. This helps us to accelerate the process and allows us to get to know the applicants better right from the start.

We examine the CVs sent by potential candidates, focusing more on professional experience than on academic qualifications. For us, experience is more valuable than a piece of paper. The recruitment process continues with interviews via video chat with the Team and skills tests based on the position to be filled.

Once the tests are over, we assess the results and if the applicant fits the role we need to fill, we move on to the actual hiring.

Job vacancies

We are looking for talented people with a wide range of experience, but also young people motivated towards professional development

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