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Company Information

Last update: July 1, 2020

Userbot S.r.l.

Innovative startup created online on August 10, 2017 in accordance with Article 4 Comma 10 Bis of Decreto Legge 24 Gennaio 2015, n. 3

Registered address

Via Vincenzo Monti 79/2 – 20145 Milano

Business address

Via Copernico 38 – 20125 Milano

VAT number


Tax code


Office of the Companies Register of Milan


PEC address


REA number

MI – 2128382

Share Capital

Euro 16.489,50 i.v.

Registered in the Register of Companies of Milan

Special section for innovative startups from 17/08/2017

Corporate Purpose

The Company has as its object the development, production and marketing of innovative products with high technological value, and more specifically: mainly the development, production and marketing of software solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and on Machine Learning in the Customer Support industry, that allow companies to automatically interact with their customers on digital channels using proprietary technology.

To view the Team and the members of the Advisory Board, visit the About Us page.
Investee Companies

Userbot Srl has shareholdings in the following companies:

  • Company name: You are My Guide SrlGhostwriter.ai
    Registered address: Corso Castelfidardo 30/a – 10129 Torino
    VAT number: 11213950014
    Nominal Amount of the Participation: € 14,70
    % Capital: 0,12 %

  • Company name: CreationDose SrlVidoser
    Registered address: Via Gustavo Vagliasindi 70 – 95126 Catania
    VAT number: 05538860874
    Nominal Amount of the Participation: € 3,85
    % Capital: 0,035 %

  • Company name: Novatek SrlCoderblock
    Registered address: Largo Villaura 27 – 90142 Palermo
    VAT number: 06466180822
    Nominal Amount of the Participation: € 38,00
    % Capital: 4 %

  • Company name: Quarzio SrlSEO Tester Online
    Registered address: Via Giuseppe Mazzini 47 – 95025 Aci Sant’Antonio (CT)
    VAT number: 05395980872
    Nominal Amount of the Participation: € 5,00
    % Capital: 0,045 %


Userbot is currently 1% owned by PoliHub Servizi Srl, the incubator of the Politecnico di Milano, regulated by a public Shareholders’ Agreement.

Patents and Trademarks

Userbot holds the trademarks “Userbot” n. 017924897 :“AI for Humans” n. 017924899

Patent application number 102019000000526.
Filling date: 11/01/2019.
Title: Sistema di Intelligenza Artificiale per Processi Aziendali.