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Userbot: Artificial Intelligence, Made in Italy.

Discover our team, our partners and our customers: a true story, artificial only in intelligence.

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Team Userbot

AI is changing everything: starting with us.

Artificial Intelligence is not born now, because it can be traced back to the human concept of dreams. Today we are beginning to see the first practical applications and to understand the enormous potential of a veritable revolution. Userbot is the proprietary and patented Artificial Intelligence made by humans for humans, which enables conversations between companies and people, quickly, easily and in a personalized manner.


There are many people who support and believe in Userbot: a single AI and hundreds of humans, our partners!


Userbot manages thousands of conversations online for our customers every day


Userbot once upon a time

Scroll through the most important moments in our history, all the steps we have taken to become what we are

The facts speak for us

We have an open and transparent approach with all our stakeholders: from our members to the media, passing through our community. Read our press release to find out the latest news about us, and visit our corporate blog to stay updated on our news.

“Our vision has always been to bring Artificial Intelligence technologies accessible to everyone, especially for those without technical skills. We believe Userbot finally reach this goal.”

Antonio Giarrusso Founder & CEO
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  • 16/11/2020
    #UserbotRisponde: chiarimenti su alcune informazioni diffuse online.

    Milano, 13 Luglio 2019 ━ In riferimento alle informazioni diffuse online in questi giorni in merito alla nostra azienda, in qualità di Founder & CEO di Userbot, mi sento in dovere di rispondere pubblicamente alle gravi accuse mosse nei nostri confronti, a tutela della Società, di tutti i nostri soci, investitori, collaboratori, advisor, partner e …

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  • 16/11/2020
    Cos’è l’Intelligenza Artificiale?

    Nell’ultimo anno si è parlato spesso di Intelligenza Artificiale, ma cos’è in realtà questa affascinante tecnologia? E qual è il suo scopo? L’Intelligenza Artificiale è un insieme di concetti e tecnologie con un significato diverso. Auto che guidano da sole, robot che impersonano gli esseri umani, apprendimento automatico e altro ancora – e le applicazioni …

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discover all the articles

It’s teamwork

Userbot team is made up of people who simply want to change the world

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Antonio Giarrusso
Hello, I’mAntonio Giarrusso
Founder & CEO

Antonio is Founder of Userbot and Director of Mobixee Ltd. He is a digital entrepreneur and his projects boast over 4 million users worldwide.

Ricardo Piana
Hello, I’mRicardo Piana
Co-Founder & CIO

Ricardo is the father of the Artificial Intelligence behind Userbot. He has worked on hundreds of projects for the biggest Italian companies.

Marco Muracchioli
Hello, I’mMarco Muracchioli
Co-Founder & CTO

Marco is one of the leading Italian experts on the technologies of online service optimization and scalability. He is the ex CTO of Supermoney and Blasting News.

Jacopo Paoletti
Hello, I’mJacopo Paoletti
Co-Founder & CMO

Jacopo is a precious resource for Userbot: he is our Digital Marketing professional and one of the best marketers in Italy.

Carolina Pocino
Hello, I’mCarolina Pocino
Partner & Admin Assistant

Carolina is our Administrative Assistant: she is in charge of managing and organizing all administrative activities in an optimal and efficient manner.

Patrick David
Hello, I’mPatrick David
Partner & Lead Designer

Patrick is in charge of product design and user interface development. He has won various international web design awards.

Marco Mantovani
Hello, I’mMarco Mantovani
Partner & Frontend Developer

Marco is a truly talented programmer. An expert in web developing, he has already worked in successful businesses in the IT sector.

Barbara Scerbo
Hello, I’mBarbara Scerbo
Partner & Art Director

Barbara is an important resource for our social media presence. She created illustrations that express the true soul of Userbot.

simone gizzi
Hello, I’mSimone Gizzi
Partner & Full Stack Developer

Simone is in charge of product development, both Frontend and Backend. His passion for the web drives his continuous development of his technical expertise.

Antonio Cappiello
Hello, I’mAntonio Cappiello
Data Scientist & AI Engineer

Antonio is a Data Scientist and our AI Engineer. With a degree in Mechatronic Engineering, he is in charge of researching, developing and optimizing the Userbot AI models.

matteo benetti
Hello, I’mMatteo Benetti
Backend Developer

Matteo is a Backend Developer; he helps reinforce the code of the product behind Userbot, making it more robust and more functional.

Niccolò Bianchini
Hello, I’mNiccolò Bianchini
Account Manager

Niccolò is in charge of customer relations. He ensures customer satisfaction and generates loyalty, offering solutions that reflect their needs.

Angelo Ranieri
Hello, I’mAngelo Ranieri
Junior Digital Specialist

Studying for a PhD in Customer Experience and Artificial Intelligence, Angelo helps plan and manage our Marketing and Communication strategy.

Aleksandra Prikhodko
Hello, I’mAlexandra Prikhodko
Content Manager

Aleksandra is our Content Manager, a key figure in the process of creating original content for Userbot’s digital and social marketing campaigns.

Franco Zanni
Hello, I’mFranco Zanni
Partner & Controller Advisor

Franco has worked in important roles, such as Senior Sales Leader at Experian and Deputy General Manager at Agos Ducato S.p.A.

Graziano Bortolan
Hello, I’mGraziano Bortolan
Partner & Technical Advisor

With vast experience in the IT industry, he currently holds the position of Chief Operating Officer at Topnetwork S.p.A.

Ranieri Giardina
Hello, I’mRanieri Giardina
Partner & Financial Advisor

He has consolidated expertise in the financial sector developed in his role of Head of Finance – Consumer Division at TIM and in the Finance Department at ENI.

Francesco Michea
Hello, I’mFrancesco Michea
Partner & Sales Advisor

Francesco has developed vast experience in the sales industry as Country Manager for Hitachi and in the Sales Department at HP.

Roberta Rosace
Hello, I’mRoberta Rosace
Operation Advisor

She has twenty years’ experience in telecommunications. She has held various roles in the sales divisions at TIM, BLU and WIND.

Our mission

Mission Userbot

Changing the lives of people and businesses

What we really care about is making people more efficient and happier at work. How? By helping them to focus on the highest value activities and automating simple and often boring and repetitive tasks

Helping companies, startups, agencies

Our technology can be adapted to suit varying needs, seeking to include all types of business. Our objective is to enable everyone to reduce the distance between business and customer, that utopia that everyone is trying to achieve

Creating a happy and innovative working environment

The secret to continuous growth, as professionals and as people, is to encourage research towards new innovative tools, whilst still maintaining high satisfaction levels within your team

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