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We’re looking for an expert of digital products to be included in our team with a strong business orientation and a proven ability to understand the market trends. The Product Manager is responsible for the full lifecycle of the digital product. The position will also lead efforts to conceptualize, develop, and introduce new features and enhancements that keep existing products relevant to their target customers. We’re looking for someone who is able to explore the technical and architectural details of a digital product, defining a roadmap, tracking KPIs and writing specifications/stories for the rest of the Team. Key responsibilities include working as part of a dedicated Product Team and closely collaborate with the IT, Marketing, Sales & Finance departments.

Ideal candidate

You’re the right person if:

You love Digital Products

At least 5 years of digital product experience on a similar role

You put always the Customer first

You have consolidated skills in designing “customer-centric” experiences and you can clearly and simply define the entire customer journey.

You take decisions on data

You have a good knowledge and have used data analysis tools (such as Google, MixPanel, etc.)

UX is your starting point

Good sensitivity to user experience and interfaces (UX/UI)

You have a technical soul

You are able to go into detail on technological trends, you can answer questions about the technical architecture of the product and you are able to talk clearly with the IT team

You have experience in planning

Mastery of product marketing techniques: benchmarking, roadmap, drafting of specifications, functional specifications

You are an excellent communicator

The Product Manager is the one who transfers product management to the rest of the team. Therefore, excellent English speaking and writing skills are needed, and able to represent processes graphically.

You know the languages

An excellent knowledge of English is required (Minimum level C1, both oral and written). Knowledge of Italian and other languages is preferential.

You love order and precision

You are a precise person and you go straight to the point.

You’re intellectually curious

In life you never stop learning and if there is any change, you are ready to learn it.

You like helping others

You feel comfortable sharing your knowledge with the rest of the team and making yourself useful to help the customer.

You’re on time

You are able to manage times optimally. Because you are convinced that time is money.

You’re proactive

You like to suggest new ideas and you are not afraid to get involved. You come up with a new feature or a new way to improve existing ones and propose them to the team.

You’re self-sufficient

You are able to manage your time and your goals and respect them: you know how to be the perfect boss of yourself.

Your role

Here’s what you could do for Userbot

1. Have an active role in defining and monitoring the product roadmap

2. Identify priorities and manage release plans by coordinating with the Marketing, Sales, IT and Finance teams.

3. Propose product evolutions based on existing business models or products on the basis of continuous analysis of the reference market and of the main competitors.

4. Monitor KPI indicators and product objectives, managing their reporting.

5. Collaborate, listen and influence the various stakeholders and communicate resources, needs and technical strategies in order to identify the possible solutions to implement.

6. Produce functional specifications that embrace the methodologies of the MVP (Minimum Viable Product), with the aim of releasing product features in an iterative way that respond to specific user-needs.

7. Experiment with possible solutions (deciding the evaluation framework) in order to reduce unnecessary work.

8. Working actively within the development team in order to facilitate it in achieving the set objectives, taking care of the quality of the product that will be released.

9. Contribute to building the product culture, educating and clearly communicating the WHY of things at all company levels.

What we offer

Working conditions

Location: Anywhere in the world

If you want to work remotely, it’s fantastic for us: our whole team works in Full Remote Working. If you prefer to go to the office, you can do it. Our operational headquarters are located in Milan, Italy. You will only need your skills and guidelines to do your job better.


Salary and benefits

Competitive salary

We don’t use remote working as an excuse to pay less. We monitor our salaries and ensure we pay a wage that is based on expertise and experience, for every position. Our salaries are standardized on the Italian market.

Remote Working

Work anywhere in the world. At home, at our office in Milan, in a hotel or anywhere you like. If you want to move, it’s the work that follows you.

Innovative technologies

Userbot is a Startup that develops a highly innovative service, based on proprietary Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Professional team

All Userbot members have numerous work experiences in the field of digital and IT. Working with a team of professionals will be engaging and very constructive.


How we recruit

We have a non-standard recruitment process. It starts with a test: we ask applicants to complete an online questionnaire. This helps us to accelerate the process and allows us to get to know the applicants better right from the start.

We examine the CVs sent by potential candidates, focusing more on professional experience than on academic qualifications. For us, experience is more valuable than a piece of paper. The recruitment process continues with interviews via video chat with the Team and skills tests based on the position to be filled.

Once the tests are over, we assess the results and if the applicant fits the role we need to fill, we move on to the actual hiring.

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